About Us

Symphony is the Art of Athletic Apparel. Symphony celebrates modern artistic dynamism while giving a nod to tried and true classics. Highlighting athletics and movement as an art form in their own right, Symphony was birthed out of connections to artistic expression. The Symphony athletic and casual wear brand is inspired by an innate enthusiasm for creativity and artistic statements found in the visual and performing arts, literature, media, film, music, and of course, sports.                                                                                             
Welcome to Symphony
The Modern Classic
Chief Designer Bio:
Silas Giovanni is Symphony's chief designer. An artist with a renaissance spirit, he lives his life on purpose from a creative angle. He enjoys experimentation with paint, charcoal, and other mediums and is inspired by the artistic process come to life through sports and music. He loves the rhythm of a basketball bouncing on a court the same way he enjoys the pulsating beats coming from his headphones. Silas' visual art has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Public Library, the Brooklyn Arts Exchange and various community projects around the New York City metro area. Silas' sneaker designs have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City. He is currently working on developing his design chops and preparing Symphony to launch a footwear collection in the not so distant future.